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Poly B Piping is a flexible grey pipe commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing systems. The piping has been banned and has gone under extensive scrutiny. This is the most accurate resource of information available on the internet.

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Poly B Piping - Poly B Piping

What is Poly B piping?

What is Poly B piping? Poly B piping is the short form of polybutylene. It is the grey plastic pipe used mainly for plumbing works ...
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What Is The Poly B Piping’s Rate of Failure?

The rate of Poly B piping’s failure is undoubtedly 100 percent. Due to diverse factors causing failure, the exact timeframe for Poly B pipe failure ...
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Poly B Lawsuits, Litigation, and Insurance Information

When was Poly B Piping Banned? The Poly B piping was prohibited on two different occasions. bringing about two separate dates for its ban. The ...
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Real Estate and Poly B Piping 

Alberta’s real estate market is experiencing a boom after 10 years of low housing prices and low interest rates. Meaning that houses are being sold, ...
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Poly B Replacement Options

Poly B Pipe Replacement The Poly B Replacement Options Installing a new plumbing system into a building requires adequate knowledge about the right material for ...
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Hiring a Poly B Replacement Contractor

A Poly b piping replacement is not always a straight forward and simple process. Choosing the right contractor for the remediation will eliminate a potentially ...
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Poly B Plumbing Myths

poly-b.com is an unbiased resource built to help homeowners and property owners in Canada navigate the Poly B Piping industry. MYTH : 1 Only systems ...

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