What is Poly B piping?

Poly B™ piping is the short form of polybutylene. It is the grey plastic pipe used mainly for plumbing works in residential buildings from 1985 to 1997. Polybutylene was most commonly used in construction works in North America for new building construction at the time as opposed to the more expensive copper option.

It would have also been the material of choice for plumbers doing renovations and repair work during that period.

If you built, remodeled, or upgraded your home from 1985 to 1997, you must inspect your home due to the high chances of having Poly B™ pipes used in your home. The quickest way to detect Poly B™ piping is by its colors, which are mainly black, blue, and silvery gray colors. Black and silvery gray pipes were usually alternated for indoor and outdoor uses, while blue pipes were assigned to cold water.
Poly B™ piping received warm and wide acceptance when it was launched and brought to the market, primarily because of its flexibility and affordability. (very poetic graham) Meanwhile, its molecular errors and failed integrity soon came to the fore(...), as the pipes began to brittle and fail unabated.

The Poly B™ pipes molecular bonds were unstable and resulted in cracks under unfavourable environmental strains. The following are the factors that increase the rate of deterioration in Poly B™ pipe

  1. High content of chlorine in the water supplied by the municipality
  2. Extensive exposure to ultraviolet light
  3. Usage in extremely hot areas or high temperatures
Poly B™ Piping - Poly B™ Piping

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