Hiring a Poly B Replacement Contractor

A Poly B™ piping replacement is not always a straight forward and simple process. Choosing the right contractor for the remediation will eliminate a potentially unfavourable renovation. This remediation process could take up to 4 different tradesman. An experienced general contractor can manage everyone and put them in sync, guaranteeing professional results

Responsibilities of Poly B™ Contractors

The following tasks or responsibilities must be undertaken by the Poly B™ contractors hired for the remediation project
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Responsible for removal, and installation of waterlines throughout the home from Poly B™ to PEX
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Responsible for spray acoustic materials or texture finish over walls and ceilings to ensure the areas fixed by the taper blend in perfectly with the surrounding areas


Or drywall finishers, are responsible for sealing joints, repairing cracks, and smoothing any imperfections on walls and ceilings in preparation for painting or treatment.


A house painter and decorator is responsible for painting and decorating buildings. The painter is responsible for colour matching walls where a plumber has removed drywall to access the piping. His responsibilities extend to blend in the paint to provide a flawless finish

Some challenges during the remediation project

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Why is Experience So Important?

Poly B™ piping replacement or remediation is best undertaken by an experienced contractor due to the following reasons
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Insurance and Poly B™ Contractors

Hiring an insured contractor for the Poly B™ piping replacement in your home is essential. Look out for the following conditions when hiring a contractor for the remediation project

Warranty and Poly B™ Contractors

Never be in a hurry to hire a contractor without asking for a warranty.

A written warranty will assure you that the project will be undertaken professionally, with any problems taken care of should some should arise, and in the event of any problem, the contractor will fix the problems without additional charges. As a baseline, Contractors should provide a warranty of at least 2 years on all materials and labor.

Its also beneficial to find out what type of piping a contractor will use, as Poly B™ piping is replaced with a Class A PEX piping could come with as high as a warranty of 25 years on the piping from the manufacturer.

An Important Question: Can the contractor afford the warranty work in case of any problems? Understand that small companies do not have the financial strength to cover or fix problems supposedly covered by warranty. This results in significant problems for homeowners. Typically, insurance companies do not provide coverage for warranty work. As a result, contractors must charge enough to cover the costs.

Referrals and Reviews with Poly B™ Contractors

Referrals are and reviews are not what they used to be, in this technological age online reviews can be way more powerful than talking on the phone to a alleged reference. Online reviews from creditable sites that take the time to verify each review can be a powerful tool. In Canada we recommend www.Homestars.com, and taking the time to read the reviews to make sure that the reference Poly B™ replacement exactly.

Do not stop with reviews, most reputable contractors will be able to provide picture proof of previous work done.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Guarantees

Obtain a written guarantee from the contractor assuring you that all Poly B™ pipes in your home will be removed. This is to prevent the contractor from leaving out Poly B™ pipes in difficult-to-reach areas, as this is commonly reported issue.

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement Time Frames

There are two time frames to consider when discussing Poly B™ piping replacement.

First one is if a home owner is considering only having a contractor replace just the piping. In this situation a reliable plumbing company should be able to complete this task in an average of 3 business days depending on experience of the company.

The second time frame one would consider is if a home owner is looking for a full remediation should expect a longer timeline. A professional Poly B™ contractor should be able to complete a house in 10 business days regardless of size.

Prepping a Home for Poly B™ Replacement

The prepping of a home for Poly B™ replacement should follow the steps below: Cover the entire flooring of the home. Hardwood flooring should be covered with dent-proof ram board. All carpet should be covered in a product like carpet shield type material. Remove all furniture and cover them with plastic sheets. Tape off rooms not included in the project to prevent dust from getting in. Set up and use a 4-stage HEPA filter to lower drywall dust throughout the process of the remediation.

Cleaning a Home After a Poly B™ Replacement

A professional Poly B™ contractor will strive to maintain cleanliness of the project site throughout the entirety of the job. But homeowners should be warned that this type of renovation is extremely disturbing to the house, and will cause extreme amounts of dust and debris, which will require a company with a strong advocacy for clean up.

Its common that without paying extra for a professional cleaning option, a home owner will be required to extend time on their own accord to bring the property back up to 100% of their standards

Project Management Software & Documented Process

It is crucial that the remediation project is handled professionally and documented appropriately with pictures of the work on a designated project management software.

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