Real Estate and Poly B Piping 

Alberta’s real estate market is experiencing a boom after 10 years of low housing prices and low interest rates. Meaning that houses are being sold, irrespective of Poly B piping. Several sellers and buyers may fall victim if they are not aware of Poly B piping and the implication in homes.

Buying a Home with Poly B Piping

Many homebuyers feel discouraged when the homes they want to buy have a Polybutylene system. It is noteworthy that many houses constructed from 1980 to the late 90s with Poly B are of great quality and located in high-profile areas with amazing amenities. With small renovation and remediation, it is possible to transform these homes into Poly B-less ones. Eliminating the threat or risk of water damage from Poly B pipe failure.

It should be noted that sellers do not usually replace the pipes in the homes before listing for sale. Consequently, you must instruct your real estate agent to notify the seller of the steps below prior to completing the purchasing contract:

The sellers are very aware of the Poly B Burden and negotiations will reach a compromise regarding the Poly B replacement work needed.

Selling a Home with Poly B Piping

If you are selling a home with Poly B piping, it may be difficult to do so to educated buyers. Educated buyers understand the problem with Poly B piping and its sub-par longevity. They are also very aware of not being eligible for home insurance after purchasing the home with Poly B..

Here are some options if you are selling a home with Poly B piping:

Poly B Piping and Home Inspectors

Certified home inspector should have in-depth knowledge of Poly B and its risks. Home inspectors should not scare homeowners but rather explain all available options for rectifying this issue.

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