Poly B Replacement Options

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement

The Poly B™ Replacement Options

Installing a new plumbing system into a building requires adequate knowledge about the right material for performance, efficiency, safety, and durability. Different types of pipes are available for piping purposes, and they each come with a different estimated life expectancy. Here is a list of available home piping options.

Class A PEX Piping


Class B PEX Piping


Class C PEX Piping

Know What Waterline Plumbing System Is In Your Home

Poly B™ kitec piping - Poly B™ Piping

Kitec Piping

Kitec Piping was installed in buildings between 1997 – 2005. Kitec is prone to corrosion and failure. Life expectancy is yet to be revealed.
Poly B™ polybutylene - Poly B™ Piping

Polybutylene Piping

Poly B™ piping was used as a replacement for copper piping. Due to their high rate of failure, their life expectancy rate is between 3 and 25 years.
Poly B™ copper piping.jpeg - Poly B™ Piping

Copper Piping

Copper piping is commonly used in older water supply lines. They are resistant to corrosion and are reliable. The life expectancy is 50 years.

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